Monday, September 5, 2011

Install my Hyper-V SharePoint Image

Today i was in the office installing my SharePoint Study and Development environment. I did a lot of research the last past day's on how to setup my installation.

I know that i mentioned in a earlier blog about the Virtual Image from Microsoft to learn SharePoint, I just could use this image instead of loosing time to install from scratch, but i figured that installing everything from scratch I might learn something! Cause finally i want to take the SharePoint Exams's.

I was surprised how VirtualBox came along the last two years! You can use VirtualBox on 32Bit host's and install 64Bit software on it. I am going definitely to work around this virtualization software.

For now i am going to use Hyper-V. I found 3 very good installation guide out there that I reviewed and used for my SharePoint installation Her is the list:

I like the one from Andreas Glaser (e gruess in d'schwizz), he is a Swiss Guy just like me, i live in the US since 3 years :-) . This guide is very clear commented except the network IP settings, he mentions it at the beginning in the Introduction, but doesn't mention it during installation. What i don't like is that he uses two servers.

Critical Path Learning guide uses only one Server installation, which i like a lot.

Architecting Connected Systems uses two server and it looks to me that the server is build exactly the same as Microsoft uses for their MOC trainings. I will build this image just for the fun of it and of course to get more prctise, Can't hurt , Right?

I added this tools to my installation too:

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